Headshot of Dan Jones. He is a white man with a closely trimmed beard. He has blue eyes, and a smile on his face.


My Seducer, Myself Lead Flaming Skunk Productions (2008)
Delilah Thomas – Supporting oogaFilms (2008)
The Plumber and the Princess Koopa – Supporting Flaming Skunk Productions (2008)
Crosswalk Priest – Supporting oogaFilms (2007)
A Walk in the Park Crantz – Supporting oogaFilms (2006)


Corona Colonel – Lead University of Texas (2007)
Marat/Sade Male Nurse – Supporting University of Texas (2007)
Holes Igor Barkov, Policeman – Supporting University of Texas (2006)
Two Donuts Commandante Boots – Supporting University of Texas (2005)
Boom Town, Ghost Town Neil – Lead University of Texas (2005)
A Company of Wayward Saints Pantalone – Supporting John B. Connally Theater (2000)
It’s a Wonderful Life Harry Bailey, Officer Bert – Supporting John B. Connally Theater (1999)
The Hunchback of Notre Dame Pheobus de Chateaupers – Supporting John B. Connally Theater (1998)
The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickelby Narrator, Lord Frederick Verisopht, Monsieur Folair, Landlord – Supporting University of Texas (1998)
A Doctor, In Spite of Himself Sganarelle – Lead Rober G. Cole Theater (1998)
You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown Linus van Pelt – Supporting Rober G. Cole Theater (1996)


Joe Stryker Joe Stryker – Lead
Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Co-Director


Bachelor of the Arts in Theater and Dance
University of Texas
University Honors
2004 – 2008
Austin, TX
High School Summer Theatre Program
University of Texas
Summer 1998
Austin, TX

Special Skills

  • Speak German
  • Ride motorcycle