Fort Bend, TX 77069
+1 (704) 326-1626 • [email protected]


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SCSS
  • JavaScript
  • vue.js
  • jQuery
  • AJAX
  • React
  • PHP
  • go
  • MySQL
  • Laravel
  • Yii
  • Wordpress
  • Git
  • node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Linux
  • Docker
  • AWS
  • Google App Engine

Open Source Projects

gin error middleware

A middleware for go gin framework and wrapper functions to make handling errors easier and more idiomatic.

Responsable Errors

A small go library that provides errors that can be more useful in the context of a web app. The heart of gin error middleware.

http go status

Super simple web server that just returns the HTTP status you ask for. Useful for testing.


Python logging application especially suited for life-logging with IFTTT and Dropbox.

Object Spy

PHP debugging library that makes it easy to inspect private properties and methods without using reflection.


go cli app for transforming a folder of music videos and music files, with semi-automatic tagging, and user-friendly TUI. This is a work in progress. Not yet fully functional.

Work History

I have been developing websites for over twenty years. I’m primarily self-taught.

  • GRIN
    Principal Software Engineer/Back-end Architect
    - present

    Principal full-stack developer for SaaS company in creator marketing. Built out unit testing in Laravel project. Coached junior developers. Helped set standards for back-end architecture. Built microservices in go.

    Laravel, PHP, go, PHPUnit, MySql, mongodb, Vue

  • BubbleUp
    Senior Web Developer

    Senior Developer for marketing firm with clients in multiple industries. Sites range from low traffic, to extremely high.

    Yii, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, AWS, Drupal, custom sites

  • Starfish
    Project Manager/Tech Lead

    Lead for API project. Developed Laravel-based API for document management service. Managed team. Set goals. Ensured development was on track.

    Laravel/Lumen, PHP, PHPUnit, MySQL, Google Cloud Platform, Google App Engine, Google Cloud SQL, mongodb, redis, Google Datastore, Google Cloud Storage

  • University of Texas Coding Bootcamp

    Taught Full-stack coding bootcamp. Six month program to introduce students to basics of full-stack MERN development.

    HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, APIs, AJAX, Node, Express, MySQL, sequelize, MongoDB, mongoose, PHP, Laravel, Python, React, React-Native

  • Analyte Health
    Senior Full-Stack Developer

    Full-stack development for multiple websites in the health industry, including STDCheck, HealthLabs, UTI Treatment.

    PHP, PHPUnit, MySQL, Laravel, Eloquent, Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS, React

  • Server Monkey
    Back-end web developer

    Develop Magento-based eCommerce site PHP, MySQL, Magento, XML, Javascript, jQuery

    • Extend functionality of current site
    • Modify existing site plugins to better fit workflow of sales team.
  • Hubbard RadioWTOP/Federal News Radio
    Back-end web developer

    Web developer (primarily focused on back-end) for two major news organizations.

    PHP, WordPress, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, Memcache

    • WTOP StormDesk Closings
      • Wordpress plugin to display school, business, and government closings during inclement weather.
      • Includes login system for schools to close schools without newsroom involvement
      • Permission system to give users specific rights to modify individual closings, all closings, or administer the system
    • NewsQ
      • Designed MySQL database to store data about social ranking of stories on website.
      • Wrote application to fetch data from various social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc.) in order to rank stories according to popularity.
      • Created front-end resources to display data.
  • University of Texas – Mechanical Engineering Department

    PHP, XHTML, HTML Forms, Wordpress, CSS, Writing

    Maintained website, wrote news stories, and oversaw a number of projects to improve the website, including:

    • Senior Design Projects Database
      Designed MySQL database to hold information about past Senior Design Projects. Built from scratch front-end to search database and display information.
    • “Intranet” site
      Built Wordpress site to host department updates, and information specifically for faculty and staff. Created custom Wordpress theme to match theme of the main site.
    • About Section
      Created entire section of website for recruiting purposes. Did extensive research.
  • Selection of assorted freelance projects

Code Samples